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The Sunday Sermon; Power, victimhood and Christianity

Published July 5, 2015 by Christine

A fantastic, thought-provoking post on what it means to be a Christian…


Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Rollercoaster…

Published July 4, 2015 by Christine

It’s a rollercoaster that we ride.
Something that we swear we’d never touch.
Yet, the feeling’s the same.
Or somesuch.

We get in the car.
Trepidation is what we feel.
Knowing the ride ahead,
Will take all our steel.

The guards come down,
Shutting us off from the world.
No matter why we reach out,
Those who love us, frown.

We look ahead. All we see is space.
The ‘coaster jerks. Putting us into place.
The clanking engine starts, pulling the cars.
And we know the journey starts.

Slowly up the hill.
The chain pulls us.
Changes already happening.
Our lives have fooled us.

Nearly to the top, one mountain we have climbed,
Aided by the chain, of maleness left behind.
Of lives we lived before us
And triumphs not unkind.

As the chain pulls us forward, and loved ones far behind,
We stare straight ahead lest we leap back, love in kind.
All we wanted, all we need.
Is peaked and at our fore,
And all we need to say, is “Nevermore”.

We’ve reached the top, it stretches far in front.
That lonely coaster, that lonely place.
The wheels are on, the lugs are tight,
The belt is on, the straps are tight.

I’m ready.
I’m right.
Take me from here.
Into the night.
Bring me back
Into the light.
Feeling wonderful.
Feeling right.

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