Letters From The Edge of Blogspace: Righting My Exercises

Published March 26, 2015 by Christine

Well, my appointment with Dr Lenihan at CHX didn’t go all as I’d hoped, but pretty much as I had expected. After going through my history and catching up with what had been happening in the two years since I’d last seen her, she said that she would be happy to refer me for surgery, but she wouldn’t. This was, as she explained, because of my weight. To qulaify for surgery I need to be less than 100Kg and have a waistline of less than 100cm. I weight 103.9Kg and my waistline is 110cm. So I have some work to do. My next appointment at CHX is in September, so I have until then to sort this out.

Weight loss isn’t a problem. Most of the weight I’ve lost has been since I moved out of the old flat, (I weighed 113Kg then, 106Kg when I moved into the new place) and so that is going down. The work involves exercise to reduce my waist. I need to start exercising my tummy, tightening the muscles and reducing the fat there. I want the fat on my hips, bum and tits but not on my tummy. I can’t go running because my right knee won’t take it (it hurts enough just walking) so anything like that is out. It’s down to crunches and situps before I go to work and when I come home. Should be fun.

Oh, and I need to start going to bed earlier. 2-3 am isn’t doing me any good either.


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