Letters From The Edge of Blogspace: Rocks, Hard Places and Temporal Transport

Published March 23, 2015 by Christine

I didn’t realise till now, but its four years since I first posted about transition on “The Girl From Nowhere”. Four years in which so much has changed. Mostly for the better. I have a wonderful partner. I’m now working for an absolutely amazing organisation. I have a new flat. I don’t have a car yet but I do have my nice, super-clean driving licence, and to cap it all, I’m so much happier in myself. All in four short years. Tempus Fugit. How time flies. Well, I don’t know how time flies, but it does. Maybe it has a private jet?

To add to all this, I also now have my appointment for my second surgical referral. Its on Tuesday 24th. This coming Tuesday. The day of our big sale at TechStart. The one day I didn’t want to leave the shop. The only reason why I have to. I’ve been waiting nearly seven months for this. The waiting list for surgery is up to two years and if I missed this appointment then it could set me back by nearly a year, and that is something I cannot afford. I will, however, call the GIC to see if there is another appointment available in the next week or so but, if not, then I will have to attend and miss half the sale. Not something I’m comfortable with either.

It’s a choice of a rock and a hard place.


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