Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: She’s Leaving

Published November 16, 2014 by Christine

Yep. I am. Leaving my home, that is. I’ve been given Notice To Quit. I now have two months to find another place to live. Its nothing drastic, in fact it may be the best thing to happen, in a way.

The reason is this: The front of my building is unsafe and my landlord needs myself and Tracey to vacate the premises so that he can make the building safe. This means a lot of work which cannot take place while we are occupying the flats. Unfortunately, neither of us has the money to move, (the cheapest we found involved paying nearly £3000 in fees and upfront deposit & rent payments, not including the cost of van rental etc to move all our stuff). So he’s given us notice. This means we have two months to find another place to live. It also means that we can approach the council on the basis that we are to be imminently homeless in the hope that they can help. The council no longer have a “housing list” but allocate housing on the basis of need. This means that, while having a roof over our heads, we did not qualify for council assistance. No problem. We’ve both been looking for some time but, while rental payments are not a problem, (I’m in full-time paid employment), the initial payment is. So we’re now off to the council this week in the hope that they can help.

Wish us luck.


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