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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Ummm, Yeah…Government Style Excuses There…

Published March 25, 2014 by Christine

My apologies for the last post featuring a Government-style excuse. It appears that I was labouring under the misapprehension that all was back to normal inside my head. It wasn’t. It was a bit like the DWP  telling us that Universal Credit works by showing one JobCentre using it, when in reality its a pile of crap. So, here I am, definitely back to whatever passes for normality and ready to take on the world and whatever crap it decides to throw at me. I just hope it throws gently.

Not a huge amount has actually changed recently. Tracey’s little dog, Sophie, passed away a couple of weeks ago. She had a developing lump on her leg which turned out to be a large cyst. Somehow she managed to burst it, leading to blood loss. We took her to the vet who looked at her and told us in no uncertain terms that, due to her age, (she was 15, very old for a Cocker Spaniel bitch), there was no chance of her surviving an operation and she would either bleed to death or have to be put to sleep. We, that is Tracey, reluctantly chose the latter option. We eventually left the vets with a lead, collar and heads full of memories. Neither of us really stopped crying for most of that day, (although I had to try, since I had to drive home).

We’re both certain that Sophie, Whiskey and Roxy are all still wondering around the flat, trying to pester us for food or walkies, or maybe just offering us the love they always gave freely. We just get that feeling.

I have started a new job. Finally, after five years, and it’s in IT, and its local. Unfortunately it’s voluntary, so I don’t get paid but, otherwise, it is brilliant. Its a start-up company, based in a large shop in the Galleries shopping centre in Aldershot. The company will be providing low-cost IT services to the local community. These services include sales of 2nd-user machines, repairs, IT advice, basic IT training services, jobsearch help, and much more. Most of the equipment is donated. All of the machines are donated when companies have refresh rollouts. So far, we have the furniture in place, including workshop and repairs, the IT desking, and the “soft suite”. We now have the fun job of cleaning & PAT-testing 500+ machines and monitors and then imaging those 500+ machines. We’re aiming at an opening date near the end of April, so a lot of work still to do. Despite this being a voluntary job, I’m still treating it as if I’m being paid. I believe in what we are doing, and that everyone in this day and age should be able to have access to basic computer skills and the ‘net.

I have said to people, many times, that I enjoy IT so much that I would do it for free if needs be, and here I am, working in IT for free. Many of those people laughed and said I wouldn’t. I would just like to ask those people one question: How big a slice of humble pie would you like?

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