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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Hi Honey, I’m Home….

Published June 17, 2013 by Christine

It appears that BT seem to be quite unusual amongst ISP’s. As you may, or may not, have read in my ‘other’ blog, I had been sanctioned by the DWP for reasons unknown, at this time. I have appealed against it but now have to wait to see what happens. This meant that I had no money coming in and, consequently, was unable to pay my BT bill. This meant I ended up being cut off. The unusual thing about BT is that they still allow full access to all things Google. This meant that I was still able to access my online calender and Google+, and to create a blog bemoaning the state of the benefits system. I could also still access all my Android development stuff as well, which was good. My email went to my phone, so no problem there. I just couldn’t get my online news in the format I liked, (on a big screen, not a little one). So, Kudos to BT for giving me that much, at least.

Now the ‘net is back on, we have another problem. One of our next-door-neighbours has erected a scaffold over the front of the building, mainly to repaint and sort out the windows. Unfortunately this has the effect of rendering our satellite dish useless, as the scaffold is directly in front of it. This means no telly for the next few days. It’s not actually that bad, since I never switch the TV on until seven pm at the earliest, and the only regular program I watch at the moment is Stargate SG1, which Tracey has on DVD (full series). So no loss there. In fact, all the programs I watch can be seen on catchup TV online so really, there is no real loss at the moment.

Well, that’s my whinge for now. I’ll post some more later.


Just a note

Published June 8, 2013 by Christine

At the moment, due lack of internet connection, I sm unable to post fully at the moment. Thanks to the good graces of BT I am able to blog over at . So thats where I am at the mo.

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