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Letters From The Edge of Blogspace: A Nice Day For A Wet Wedding – The sequel

Published April 21, 2013 by Christine

No, don’t worry, we haven’t divorced and remarried. It’s just the second part of the wedding day that I hadn’t written.

One of my fears was that, with the amount of people who had dropped out of coming to the wedding, we would be rattling around the club hall like peas in a tin can. I needn’t have worried. We all arrived around the same time and went in. Tracey’s mum and sister had done a wonderful job on the hall decorations and the food, and the cake took pride of place at the end of the hall. It wasn’t a big hotel, with matching tables for hundreds of guests. There was no four piece  playing, no wedding band, no bow-tied waiters handing out free champaign, but it was ours, our reception for our wedding and we loved it.

The bar was immediately put to use and, in an unusual and risky move, I had a glass of red wine. Considering my past, and the fact I’d not had an alcoholic drink for two years, this may seem like a risky and silly move. I’d thought about it many times and had decided to take the risk. Tracey, rightly, was a little concerned but we both decided that, since this was such a special day for both of us, a little risk was worth it. Plus I wanted to see how transition had changed me in that respect.

My fears about rattling around the place proved to be unfounded since, as well as several more people turning up, (who were not able to attend the ceremony), the hall seemed to be filled with the sound of laughter, children and felt full, as if the very air had taken on a personality all of it’s own.

Giving the speech, after cutting the cake, was not as nerve-racking as I had first anticipated, although it was a very short one, (I consider myself ‘not good’ at public speaking), Tracey’s was even shorter.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions, the reception ended at just before 6pm. Although our evening wasn’t finished. After arriving home and sorting things out, Tracey decided to have a sleep. She’d been suffering from a particularly nasty bug during the week before the wedding and the day had taken it’s toll. We’d both been invited out to a local pub by my cousins so Tracey told me to go, while she slept. So I did. I was feeling a little woozy from the several glasses of wine but, not having been out to a pub in a few years, I went to meet them.

It was a good evening. Not having seen them in a few years my cousins and I had a lot of catching-up to do. This was also the first time I’d been out socially since starting transition and I was very nervous but, after a couple of drinks, I soon settled. We had a laugh and a really good time but, all too soon, it came time to go. I could have stayed all night but, being on my own was a risk I wasn’t willing to take, so I returned home to Tracey after saying goodnight to both cousins and my uncle.

It was a wonderful day and evening, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Letters From The Edge of Blogspace: A Nice Day For A Wet Wedding….

Published April 15, 2013 by Christine

It would be nice to say that, Friday morning, I bounced out of bed, full of the joys of spring, happy in the knowledge that Tracey and I would be getting married that day and that the sun was shining, the birds were singing and all was good with the world. Unfortunately, though, that would be a blatant lie. Well, most of it would.

I had to drag myself out of bed at the sound of the alarm, having sat up watching the X-Files until stupid-o’clock, sorting out last minute details. Looking out the window revealed a world that would have had Noah building a second ark and the birds running umbrella business’s. I, however, was happy in the knowledge that Tracey and I were getting married. Everything was ready. A friend of ours was looking after Sophie for the day for us, so our biggest worry was now sorted. As soon as he turned up we were ready to go.

Arriving at Becky’s, everything was already chaotic, in an organised sort of way, as befits a wedding day. She immediately started on my hair, since this would take longer than anything. (Typical me). Once done, I went upstairs to get dressed. In the meantime, Jill was on hand to help get the kids ready so that relieved some of the pressure on Becky, while she sorted out Tracey’s hair.

After having our makeup done, (and she did a lovely job as well), we were ready, as I said to Tracey, to Rock And Roll. This turned out to be somewhat of a literal statement as, while we were waiting, the car turned up. We had both chosen late 50’s style swing dresses as our wedding dresses, (I do like 50’s/60’s styles), so, going outside to find the car was a 1956 Pink Caddilac, was absolutely the icing on the cake! The owner and driver, Steve, was also dressed 50’s style. I was shocked, stunned and went all girly, since we’d been expecting a late model black BMW. This was so, so much better. It was a shame that our two bridesmaids couldn’t be there. (One was about to give birth and the other was her birthing partner, and we’d known of the possibility that they wouldn’t  be able to attend for ages, so it was no surprise). We’d have looked so good together in that car.

We made the registry office in time, (we had to have a final interview prior to the ceremony to ensure that all the legalities were in place). My cousins and uncle were there already. It was so lovely to see them again, especially as one of them had come up from Torquay to be here. There were not as many guests there as we had planned for since quite a few guests had to drop out at the last minute, but there were still plenty.

I can’t begin to describe how nervous I was, walking into the Copenhagen Room in front of everyone. I felt like I was under a microscope, or perhaps this wasn’t really happening and I was actually back home in bed. There was a certain dream-like quality in the air. Maybe having childhood dreams come true does this to a person. Either way I was happy. Looking into Tracey’s eyes and seeing the love and understanding and the happiness really brought it home to me how much we meant to each other. I’d had this feeling once before, and I never thought it could ever happen again, until this moment.

After the ceremony it was Mrs and Mrs Anderson jumping back into the Pink Caddy and off to the reception.

End of Part 1…..

Letters From The Edge of Blogspace: Family

Published April 13, 2013 by Christine

I was going to call this  “Family and other Animals”, but Gerald Durrell had already laid claim to that one. I’m sure I’m safe with this one. I’m now a married woman now. And it made me think. Think hard. I entered into this relationship as Christine Danielle Anderson, but did I want to leave it as that? Tracey is willing to take my surname but did I have the right to change it? I was born with the surname of ‘Savage’. When I chose a name for myself I went one further and changed my surname away from that of my family. Why did I do this? I really have no explanation other than I liked it. I chose the name because it was the name of a female character in a comic I read as a child. I liked the name. It made a perfect surname. It put a distance between myself and my parents. I could be a woman in my own right. It’s only now that I realise that I was quite possibly wrong. I have always espoused the importance of family to both friends and relations. No matter what has happened, family will always be there. This is something I’have always tried to teach people. So, at the first chance I get, I go and abandon the family name. I choose to leave my family. What a muppet I am. It took a marriage, and all the legal paperwork that goes with it to make me realise that I am so, so wrong. Its not that I will have children, (you never know), or the fact I like the name. Christine Danielle Savage doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue with the same exuberance as Christine Danielle Anderson. It is, though, the surname that my parents had when I was born. Therefore it should have some respect. It’s not like they dipped into some cloth grab-bag and pulled the name out. I would like to think that they gave some thought to my original name. It’s just unfortunate that the mind inhabiting the body they named didn’t match the name they gave. So I would say this to anyone who embarks on the journey, the painful journey that I have: Choose your name with care, and give great consideration to what you are giving up. A name may seem like a simple thing but, if you look back, it can mean so, so much more.

Letters From the Edge of Blogspace: All Work but Plenty of Play….

Published April 9, 2013 by Christine

It finally looks like I have a job. A full time one. At last, after applying nearly every day for four and a half years. I’m not going to give any details yet, but it looks like it’s a good ‘un. The hours are 6pm to 2am Monday to Friday which leaves my day free, and considering I don’t usually go to bed till about 3 or 4 am, it won’t impact on my life all that much, with the exception of having more money. I’ll just have to record the telly programs I usually watch, (all three of them) and watch them when I get home. It’s also a contract, field-based job so day-to-day I’ll be working in different places, which is something that I like. Don’t get me wrong, I like working in an office environment as well, especially for larger companies, as, in IT, each day can be very different. One day you can be teaching a group of users about the latest OS, the next you can be dealing with a critical server failure, and another day could be chasing a viral infection through the company. IT’s like that. It’s even better if you’re working with a good group of people. I’ve been lucky, in that most of the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout my career have been fun to work with. I just hope that I get the same in this job.

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