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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: I Do, I Do…..

Published February 10, 2013 by Christine

If you’d told me, twenty years ago, that I would be getting married to a woman, as a woman, I would have thought you mad, but at the same time thinking “Oh, please make it so”, but now, it’s happening. Tracey and I are getting married. It’s taking place at the local registry office, of course, and hopefully all our family will be there, along with friends, (the ones we can invite to the ceremony, space is very limited), then onto the reception afterwards. Its going to be a bit of a low-key affair, finances are a bit tight but  it will still be a wonderful day. We almost have everything in place. We’ve sorted dresses and shoes, (well, I have, Tracey is still choosing).  Tracey’s sister is doing hair and makeup and being Maid of Honour plus her boyfriend is providing the car. I have invited two of my dearest friends to be bridesmaids, (one of whom is also making the cake which, knowing her, will be particularly yummy), along with Tracey’s neice, and her youngest nephew, (who wanted a piece of the action), will be holding the rings, and the hall is booked, as is the reception venue.  All we can do now is hope the weather holds up, (even though most of it takes place inside). I’ve never been so bloody organised in my life! On top of everything else, it’s also Tracey’s birthday, (although I’m not saying how old).

Talking of birthdays, it’ll be mine following the wedding. I’ll be two. 21st April 2011 is the official start of my transition (RLE), although I did start in January, but the start as taken by the clinicians at CHX tends to be the date on my change of name Deed Poll. It doesn’t feel like two years. So much has happened its passed quickly. Tempus Fugit.

I have my third CHX appointment coming up this month and hopefully I should be put on HRT. This was supposed to happen months ago but I never heard anything. I had my second appointment on the 25th July last year and the consultant had no problem recommending me for HRT on a psychological basis but was concerned about my continued smoking, (although I was trying to give up). She said she would have a word with the endocrinologist about going over to electronic cigarettes, (apparently there may not be a problem with these and hormones), and write to me with his response. Since then, nothing. I will be seeing my lead clinician at my next appointment so I hope things get moving further. I’ll post further about this once I get back from CHX

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