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Letters from the Edge of Blogspace: Tempus Fugit

Published November 16, 2012 by Christine

I can’t believe it’s four months since I last posted anything. Hence the title, “tempus fugit” translates as “Time Flies”. The last thing I wrote about was my appointment at CHX. Still waiting for the letter from that appointment to confirm HRT. It should be here soon.

I have had my last laser session and I must say that the results are impressive. It felt a lot more painful than some of the earlier sessions but, as it turned out, this was because my laser lady had turned up the power. This was mainly to get at the finer hairs as well as the normal ones. Due to problems with the car I wasn’t able to attend the original session two weeks ago so I had to re-book. This was fortunate as this meant that more hair was in the growth phase so more was removed. As usual, the only problem I faced, (pun not intended), was a swollen top lip and a slight redness which faded by the time I arrived home. I have been lucky in this respect, having heard so many horror stories about not being able to go out for several days due to the after-effects of laser, or the damage to the skin. I have likened the pain and after-effects to “moisturising with fiery hedgehogs”. Once the slight swelling has gone down and my skin has settled I will finally be able to go out without makeup on, although I will probably still use a tinted moisturiser due to some inherent blotchiness. Still, its a big step forward.

More soon….

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