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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Crossroads

Published July 28, 2012 by Christine

I seem to be spending a large amount of time in London lately. First there’s my laser treatment in North London, followed by a visit to a friend of mine in South London. Then there was the makeover in Central London and now, my second appointment in West London. I just need a reason to go to East London then I’ll have the whole set.

I’ve spoken about the reasons for the North and Central London trips but the West London one was a whole different kettle of aquatic creatures. It was my second visit to Charing Cross GIC. And the news I had been waiting for, pointing me in the direction I need to go at this particular crossroads in my life. (That sounds so corny. I really should know better)

So Thursday arrived (26th). My appointment was at 1315 but the Olympic torch was due to pass along Fulham Palace Road that day as well so I thought it might be prudent to leave plenty of time to get there. I had to pop round to a customer to get a signature on a job sheet and check on the status of payment for the job so I left my place about 1030. I finished with the customer and left their office at 1100. I have to admit I did develop a bit of a lead foot on the A3. Utilising the SatNav in my snazzy new S2, I arrived at the GIC at 1200, a full hour and a quarter before my appointment. I even managed to park directly outside the door, at £2.20 an hour! It was too hot to bother walking around, despite wearing a light dress, so I sat in the car with the aircon on full and wrote up some project notes. The time came for my appointment and I went in. Surprisingly there was no-one around. The waiting room was empty! I spoke to the woman at the reception desk, filled out a couple of forms and went and sat down. After about fifteen minutes Dr Lenihan called me in.

She seemed to be a very likeable woman, putting me at my ease and making me feel comfortable. She then got down to business. The questions she asked were pretty much the same as Dr Barrett had asked me on my first visit. She delved into my background, growing up, school, family history etc. She then asked me about what I was doing now, work, life in general, interests, family. As with Dr Barrett I answered truthfully, not holding back. Eventually she told me to think of any questions while she wrote her summation. Eventually she finished, looked at me and said: “Psychologically, I have no problem recommending you for hormone therapy. The only thing is you will have to give up smoking. I can have a word with the endocrinologist about electronic cigarettes as he believes they shouldn’t be a problem with taking hormones.” Filling out a small form she said “I’ll write to your GP telling him to start you on HRT as directed by Dr Seal” It was all I could do to stop jumping around the office with joy. I then remembered to ask the only question I could think of: “What is the lead time up to surgery?” I asked. She replied that two years RLE (Real Life Experience) was required along with at least a year on hormones, plus some evidence of employment, (of any type). She consulted a calender and said that I would be looking at a second surgery referral around October next year. Fifteen months to referral, probable eighteen to actual surgery. I don’t think I felt so happy in a long time. The consultation ended and I went out to book my next appointment. I felt like I was walking on air. Another step in the right direction.

Next appointment is Feb 2013.


Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Girls On Film

Published July 25, 2012 by Christine

YAY! I’ve been wanting to use that title for a long time, but I’ve never had any reason to, until now. Yesterday I went on a photoshoot! Ok, not strictly “Girls on Film”, more “Girls on Digital Media”, but it doesn’t sound quite as good. The makeover and photoshoot were the  prize in a competition that Tracey entered online, totally not expecting to win. Imagine our surprise when she received a phone call saying she’d won! It was with Citi Studio in central London which, normally, wouldn’t be a problem but, due to an unforeseen problem, our eventual shooting date ended up near the start of the Olympics, hence an extremely busy London. Another problem was clothing. We both had to take at least three outfits and, me being me, I couldn’t decide what to take, (even changing my mind several times on the morning of the shoot! Tracey was already sorted.). Then, while printing out the vouchers, I read the website. Horror of horror’s we had to turn up with no makeup on! I’ve never left the house without at least my BB cream and a little mascara. Well, I really wanted this day to go well for both of us so I’d have to bite the bullet, wrap a scarf round my face and hope for the best. I checked the route online, found the place on Google Maps, added the place to my SatNav, (to be used once we were in London itself) and made sure everything was ready. We then dropped Sophie off at Tracey’s sisters and were off. We were late leaving. I wanted to be on the road by 1130, we didn’t leave Becky’s until 1200, and the appointment was at half one. Fortunately, having just turned afternoon, it was a clear run straight up the A3 into Wandsworth, where I activated the SatNav. Things were going well until we hit London Bridge, about a mile from the studio. We had forty minutes to get there. Getting through London Bridge took half an hour. A combination of experience, a lead foot and a “Fuck You” attitude meant that we arrived with about a minute to spare. And we had a parking space directly opposite the studio. At £4 per hour. On a coin only machine. With no coins.

We booked into the studio and Tracey went off in search of coinage. I sat and filled in my Hair/Makeup form and had a drink. Fortunately it was relatively cool inside and the staff were really friendly. Tracey came back and filled her form in, having put the ticket on the car (two hours) and then we waited to be called. People were in and out, walking past us not giving us a second glance. I have to admit to feeling very nervous and expecting glamorous  model types to be waiting around and laughing at me. Nope, just another girl wanting to have a little bit of a special day. Eventually we were called up to be ‘done’. The girl who did mine was really friendly, showing me several methods of makeup I had never thought of, especially one tip to help reduce to shininess of my skin for longer. And tips on my eyes. She complimented me several times on my hair, and the quantity of it! Once she was finished, the difference was amazing! I looked a new woman. I walked back to where we were sitting and saw Tracey. I was gobsmacked at the difference. Gone was the woman I had fallen in love with, replaced by this glamourpuss with curls of hair framing her immaculately made-up face. She looked gorgeous. Now we just had to wait for the photographer.

We finally entered the photographers studio, carrying our bags of clothes. He was good. Talking us through the poses he wanted, matching the backgrounds to our outfits, (although, with my white dress I look semi-invisible). Once he was finished it was onto the viewing. He’d taken 82 images which we then had to choose. We ended up with 27, but only had to pay for 10, which was £300. In installments.

So, all in all, a wonderful day, (apart from traffic). More to come soon. I must away, to voice therapay (misspelling intended, for rhyming purposes).

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