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Published January 14, 2012 by Christine

Still four weeks to go and I’m already feeling nervous. I never get this feeling when I’ve got a job interview but then, this isn’t for a job, it’s the rest of my life, my happiness, my physical and mental wellbeing. After this, job interviews should be easy (relatively speaking). It’s something that I have been wanting all my life, as far back as I can remember, but now I’m so close, it’s scary, really scary. Still, there’s nothing to be gained from letting the nerves get to me. I’ve started compiling a list of questions to ask which, hopefully, will stave off the nervousness. I also have the opportunity to go to the GIC with a friend of mine who has her first appointment soon. This will also help as I will know what to expect when I get there so the fear of the unknown will be lessened. As a friend of mine used to say: “Cool Beans”.

Talking of job interviews, I still have a problem which multiplies my interview nervousness by a magnitude. That problem is my voice. I’ve been following some of the voice training exercises that I have but, other than a slight softening of my voice, I have made very little progress. I think part of the problem is having people around, even Tracey, makes me very self-concious. I really need to look around for a voice coach (one who can work really cheaply!) The other option is to ask at CHX as there does seem to be some provision on the NHS for this, but I won’t know more until I get there. I have been getting a little paranoid of late with regards to job interviews as they seem to be mostly telephone interviews to start! It’s almost as if they’re ‘checking me out’ as it were, to see how I sound and then basing their decision to F2F interviews on that. I’ve never had this before, ever, but, like I say, I could just be being paranoid, or it could be just a change in the way things are done by certain companies. Who knows? I’ve just got to keep working at it.


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