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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace: Back On The Chain Gang

Published November 17, 2011 by Christine

Well, I’m back. No real reason not to post other than I didn’t really have anything to say. Nothing much has been going on round here except help Tracey sort out her new flat. Still haven’t got most of the furniture in yet since we have no transport. But hey, I have a license now, so we can get that one sorted. Other than that, not much has happened. I’ve been referred to CDG in Basingstoke by the JobCentre as part of the “Work Program”. Hopefully this will get me closer to getting a job. (You never know). I bought some salicylic acid for my face to try and get rid of the scars and excess oil (see below) but that’s going to take some time. Plus I’ve swapped my computer’s OS. I have openSUSE Linux instead of Windows Vista. It’s sooooo much better.

I’ve done two peels using salicylic acid, (it’s only a 10% solution). Certain rules have to be observed: Cannot use any products containing salicylic acid 24 hrs before or after application. This lets out all but two of my cleansing products! Also, not supposed to shave 24hrs before or after application. Sorry, but not going to happen on that one :D. It stung a little on application and while I was timing it but that faded after I rinsed it off. There is no noticeable change as yet but, hey, first few applications don’t always show immediate results. (Just my impatience showing through again. I thought I’d sorted that :oops: ).
Went to the Work Program at CDG in Basingstoke yesterday. A friend of mine had his appointment at about the same time so we travelled together. It’s a very informal, relaxing atmosphere there. Much better than the job centre or the old “Job Clubs”. They have an added incentive to get someone into work. If a ‘client’ doesn’t get into work for at least six months then the company doesn’t get paid. This is unlike the old system where they were paid for “bums on seats”, regardless of whether anyone got a job or not. My advisor is a young American girl who is quite bubbly and eager to help me get back to work. Unfortunately she is not IT savvy so a lot of the work is down to me but she is learning, so it’s very much a two-way street: She has the resources to help and I have the knowledge to get the job. It seems to be working quite well, since I now have to be there in the morning to go through a mock interview prior to a real one that she and a colleague have managed to set up. Watch this space ->” “.

After CDG we went on a shopping trip through Festival Place. Oh. My. God. If I’d had a credit card I would have max’ed it out before getting a third of the way round the shops. The first shop was Debenhams. By the time we left I’d mentally racked up about five grand worth of dresses (I was being frugal :D). It was great fun but seriously depressing knowing that I didn’t have the money. If I had, by the time we reached the station I would have been about 20 grand lighter in the pocket and would have needed a van to get my shoes, bags and clothes home :cheesy: . <sigh> One day…….



Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace (I’ve (not) Been Driving In My Car IV)…..

Published November 17, 2011 by Christine

I can change the title now and miss out the “(not)” bit. I finally have my driving license back YAY. It’s been a loooooong time, but I now have it. The following is the full listing of what happened:

(DP = Deed Poll, BC = Birth Certificate)

I received my driving license back on Tuesday (15/11/11), Eleven months after I sent the original application in. After speaking to the DMG (Drivers Medical Group) I have ascertained the following:

1. The problem was originally caused by my name change on the NHS system. When the DMG wrote to him requesting further information they were asking for my old name, not Christine Anderson. This meant that he couldn’t find me on the system and wrote back saying I was not under his care.

2. I then had to send my DP, with a letter explaining everything, to the DMG who were then able to write to my GP again and get the correct information.

3. The DVLA itself then wrote to me asking me to fill in a D1 to officially change my name. Unfortunately they sent the letter & form to my new name but to my old address. Luckily my sister-in-law found it and brought it round to me several weeks later. By this time I’d had a warning letter from the DVLA stating if I didn’t send the completed D1 then they would cancel my license. I immediately sent it off, with another copy of the letter and my BC, as requested.

4. Several weeks later I received my BC back and another request for my DP. This I duly sent off.

5. Beginning of October I received my DP back with a note stating that I would receive my license back in two weeks unless they had to request further info from my doctor.

6. Three weeks later I phoned the DVLA to find that my application was still with the DMG and my license had not been authorised. This was due to the DMG contacting my referring psychiatrist to confirm that I was under his care for GID. They received his reply on the 25th October, the DVLA started processing my license on the 26th and I finally received it on the 15th Nov.

I now have a driving license which has the female marker, correct name, photo and six points that come off in Sept ’12. This was one other thing I was worried about. On the license there are three offences:

DR40 (In charge of vehicle while over the alcohol limit). This carries a mandatory 10 points.
IN10 (Vehicle on public road with no insurance). This carries 6-10 points.
MS90 (Failure to confirm ID of driver) This carries mandatory 6 points.

I only have 6 points on my license for the MS90, the others show 0 points and expire in Jan ’12. The MS90 expires in Sept ’12.

There are two morals to this story:
1. Don’t go near a car when you’ve had too much to drink (I cannot stress this enough)
2. If you’re on a ban, don’t change your name until you get your license back.

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