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Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace (Appointment With Destiny)

Published August 27, 2011 by Christine

It’s been a funny month. Wrote a post last week and didn’t even post it till last night, (or this morning, if you want to be technical, actually it’s several days now!). Still, the muse comes and goes, (more going than coming at the mo).

The biggest news for me at the minute is that I have received my appointment for CHX Gender Identity Clinic in London. (CHX is Charing Cross). It’s for February next year, which is quicker than I expected. I was originally told by the CMHT doc that it would be between 7 and 10 months before I would get an appointment. So to get on this quick is great. It’s also a little scary. It means that this is real! But then, life is not a rehearsal , as somebody once said.


Just had a letter from the DVLA. They have just returned my BC and now want my Deed Poll, AGAIN!!! This is the third time I have sent this to them. Up untill now all communications have been with the DMG (Drivers Medical Group). Now everything is coming from Drivers Customer Services. Also, all the letters are addressed to Miss Christine Danielle Anderson at the correct address but referencing my old driver number. I wonder what will be on my final license, if I ever get it. Watch this space ->” “.

I often wonder what goes on in Swansea. I was expecting some sort of communication problems with CHX over my appointment but, all the trouble seems to be coming from DVLA. It’s mental. I was expecting a wait of a few weeks but, 7 months!


I’ll post again when I’ve calmed down.


Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace (I’ve (Not) Been Driving In My Car III)

Published August 26, 2011 by Christine

Please note: This was originally supposed to be posted on 19th August ’11. I forgot. Sorry.

The ongoing saga of the driving license continues, Part 3000 (more parts than Friday 13th):

Received a letter from the DVLA (Drivers Customer Servies, not DMG this time). They are now saying that the documentation I have sent them is insufficient as ID and that I need to send them my passport or birth certificate. This appears to be to do with change of name now. I originally sent my passport to them when I sent the original application but this passport has now expired (2nd March this year, I think I may include a letter explaining this since this little nugget of info seems to have been lost.). I am now having to send my BC instead. Amazingly they sent the letter addressed to me, not Mark, at my current address.  Watch this space ->” “.

On a lighter note:

It was a good day yesterday. Had to rush to get over Tracey’s sisters to babysit her children (showered, hair, makeup and dressed inside 40 mins, an all-time record for me). All were good as gold, albeit a little noisy, but then, I don’t mind (apart from having to watch Lilo & Stitch 2 several times). Once her sister and her mum came back they gave pressies. The kids and her mum gave me money and her sister gave me a beautiful leatherbound makeup case, so no need for dodgy pound shop bags any more. We then had dinner followed by birthday cake. I had to relight the candles several times so the kids could blow them out. :D. Tracey’s niece then presented me with a drawing of roses with my name all over it that she had spent most of the day making. That is now on my living room wall.

My first birthday as Christine and I enjoyed it more than any birthday I’d had as Mark.

Letters From The Edge Of Blogspace (Get A Job III)…..

Published August 3, 2011 by Christine

First time I’ve done a combo title. Might do this again YAY #1. Had the interview this morning. It wasn’t for a job but just an assessment and registration interview for the agency. I couldn’t hardly sleep last night through anxiety but, the morning came and I was up and bouncing at stupid o’clock getting ready (and everything that could go wrong, did). Once I was out on the bus though, the trepidation dried up and I felt confident. This was my first time out totally on my own (I’ve always been with Tracey or my mate Paul). And it felt good :D. It did actually feel quite normal.

Going up into the office, I was a bit nervous, but that soon faded when I spoke to the receptionist. She was really kind, got me a cuppa and asked me to fill in some forms. Because of the law, I had to produce photo ID. Unfortunately I only had my old passport in my handbag, in my old name, with an old photo. I mentioned this (I’m quite readable at the mo so I assumed she’d picked up on that) and she said it would be ok. I gave her my BC and my Deed Poll Cert, she copied them and gave them back. Then I met Georgina, the recruitment advisor. Talk about “willowy” :D. She was really nice though. She complimented me on my outfit and how I looked (In all my years “as a man” I’ve never been complimented like that). We started by talking through all my previous jobs then spoke about the job I was there for. Then I was asked to perform a series of tests for technical ability. My modesty prevents me from saying I aced every one with some of the highest scores they’d had :oops: . The only ones I had any trouble with were using Word & Excel! Once the interview was over my final question was about what effect my transsexuality & transition would have. She simply replied “Equal Opportunities. There’s certainly no problem here” :D. I walked out of that interview on a cushion of air.

YAY #2. When I got back from the interview there was a letter waiting for me. It was from CHX. Hampshire PCT had approved funding for me to attend CHX. :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:  I’ve never filled in a form so quick! I’m sending it recorded delivery because I do not intend this particular form getting lost (unlike my DVLA form).

So it’s been a double whammy of goodness today. I feel “On top of the world Ma”. On Cloud 9. This feeling beats alcohol into a cocked hat :lol:

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