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Get A Job II…..

Published July 30, 2011 by Christine

No need to reiterate the source of this song lyric, see the first post.

Since changing my name I’ve had to trawl the net searching for all the job sites where I have registered as Mark and either delete those entries or amend them. Most of them I deleted since it was easier to re-register with up-to-date details and CV, plus I didn’t want any database searches turning up two identical CV’s in two different names. Over the last two years of looking I have had two interviews, (one over the phone), and one very short contract job. This has done absolutely nothing for my morale and I had begun to sink into a depressing routine of late nights and even later mornings. The main demoralising aspect of job-hunting is the silence. For every hundred jobs I apply for, I might get one reply. These are usually the “We’ll keep your details on file” type, but at least it’s a reply. I get more replies from the automated jobsite systems than I get from any human. Since I have changed my name I have had more replies than in the last two years! It must be something about being a woman because I get a much nicer class of response as well.

As a result of changing my CV and profiles on the web, I received a phone call this morning out of the blue from an agency who found my CV online. During the phone interview her voice betrayed no outward sign of the “umm-ing” and “ahh-ing” that usually accompanies hearing my voice so I must have sounded ok, plus my CV must have matched what they were looking for as I now have a job interview on Wednesday with the agency regarding a permanent position as a Systems Support Engineer in Frimley. The agency is interviewing on behalf of the client. My second interview in two years, my first as Christine. YAY. I’m ecstatically happy and scared witless at the same time. So, fingers, arms, eyes, legs, wires, everything crossed for Wednesday.

I’m shaking already and it’s only Friday. :lol:

Hell, what am I going to wear? :shrug:


I’ve (Not) Been Driving In My Car II

Published July 22, 2011 by Christine

Madness again.

The ongoing saga of the DVLA continues. Had a letter from them this week stating that the form they sent me previously had not been returned and that my license would be revoked (hahahahaha, that’s a laugh), if the form were not returned. This prompted me to phone them. I spoke to a very nice Welsh girl who informed me that they had sent back my documentation with a D1 form for change of name. I hadn’t received any forms since their last request for my doctor’s details. Nor had they, apparently, received my reply. This was proving to be a pain in the backside since all postal communications with the DVLA seem to take forever. She instructed me to fill out another D1 and send it back with the Deed Poll certificate and updated photo with all the other documentation I had included in the original letter and send it via registered post. This I did, after reprinting the letters and digging out copies of all other doc’s they might need. The day after I did this I had a visit from my sister-in-law who brought round a letter that had arrived at her parents address. It was the missing documentation the DVLA had sent me! Somehow they had sent me the documentation addressed to my old address but with the name changed!!!! This seriously annoyed me since all other communication with the DVLA had come to my current address and in my old name, yet they now recognise my name change but suddenly decide to use my old address. Why? I am now waiting for the results from this latest postal/phone exchange. I have low hopes. Watch this space –> ” “.

Where The Streets Have No Name….

Published July 10, 2011 by Christine

Where The Streets Have No Name” by U2, Released Aug 1987, from the 1987 album “The Joshua Tree“.

Felt on a little bit of a high today. I did my first callbacks on my Betterware round. This is where you go back round to all the people who haven’t put their books out for collection and knock on their doors and ask for them. This was the bit I was dreading, in fact scared witless of. I’ve not really interacted directly with anyone other than shop workers and people I know, so this was a bit of a test for me. I felt a bit like the first time I stepped outside as a woman, I just had to remember to project confidence and not to show any nervousness, as people pick up on this easily. I dressed smartly in a black skirt suit, as for some reason this helps me feel more confident.

So on to the first house. I rang the bell and moments later it was answered by a young woman. I started to speak and my throat dried up! I managed to swallow and spoke up, asking her for the catalogue. She smiled and produced the catalogue. I said thank you, she said thank you and I left. Done it! Forty-seven left. On this part alone. As I went from house to house the fear vanished and was replaced by a feeling of, I suppose, normalcy. I didn’t feel out of place anymore. (I think it’s now more of the fear of the unknown than anything else. I used to have the same problem as Mark, when I visited new customers). In fact I started to feel a slight disappointment when no-one answered. At several of the houses I had extended conversations with the women who answered, usually about Betterware itself, the products, the amount of working and various other topics. The streets were fairly crowded as there was the “Picnic to Music In The Park” just down the road and the music was belting out (ABBA tribute, they were brilliant). Although I was watching for it, no-one actually tried to gouge my eyes out or attack me with a baseball bat (slight bit of “back of the mind” paranoia hanging around there). One girl answered the door with an odd look on her face but I wasn’t sure whether it was shock, bemusement, both or just her natural look, but she was polite and handed me the catalogue with a smile. By the end of the round I was smiling like a loon, walking with a spring in my step, (although I think the spring was broken as my feet hurt like hell), and asking myself the same question over and over: “Had I passed? Or was every single person I’d met just being really polite?”. I dismissed the question for now since I’d had plenty of smiles, laughs, conversations and one slightly odd look. Not bad. Just another three hundred households to go.

Never thought about the lyrics of this song before but, apparently, Bono wrote the song in response to the idea that in Northern Ireland, especially Belfast, you could tell a person’s religion and income from the name of the street where they lived. Hence equality being “streets with no names”. I particularly like the first verse:

“I want to run,
I want to hide.
I want to break down the walls
That hold me inside.
I want to reach out
And touch the flame.
Where the streets have no name”

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round…..

Published July 6, 2011 by Christine

Kids song, end of. 😀

Failed my first phone call this week. Credit card company called and asked for Christine Anderson. I said “Speaking” and the woman at the other end said she needed to speak to her regarding  a personal banking matter. Again I said I was Christine. She asked for my date of birth for security (I hope that’s not their highest level of security) and then ummm’d and ahh’d before she called me Miss Anderson. Ho hum, I’m going to get that a lot.

It seems this week either I have an over-active or paranoid imagination or I’ve been read more times than the bible. I’ve been up and down to Surrey and Rushmoor councils with a friend of mine, trying to sort out his impending homelessness. This means I’ve had to use the bus more than normal. On the way to Tracey’s to meet him I was referred to as “that lady over there” and “the young woman” by a couple of elderly ladies and had a chat to a couple of women who never mentioned any thing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the students from the college started getting on that I started getting the “stares” and the “sidelong glance and whispers”. To counter them I used my usual method of looking straight at the person staring, raise one eyebrow and smile. It works every time. They look away embarrassed. Fortunately I don’t seem to get as embarrassed as I used to. Still occasionally feel like the elephant in the room though.

Tonight though was funny. I walked Tracey over to the bus station as usual for a Wednesday where her regular driver was talking to some man who was obviously drunk, especially as he said he thought he was in Ascot, despite standing under a station sign saying Aldershot. He started asking Tracey where he was, then asked me: “Am I really in Aldershot darling” he said to me. Forgetting myself, plus slightly dry throat, my reply came out somewhat male. He immediately clocked me and said “You a man in drag?”. I said “No, I’m transsexual” This seemed to throw him a little. “You’re a woman in a mans body?” “Yes” I said. “Wow, I’ve got no problem with that” he replied, then wandered off and started talking to Tracey. He asked her if we were going out together and she said yes. He said “Brilliant”, then moved on to finding out how he could get home.

So my voice let me down again. Never mind. It’ll come. Failed another phone call as well today. One of my customers phoned and asked for Christine, and wouldn’t believe I was she. Still, she’ll believe when I go round to pick up her order tomorrow . 😀

Yes, I’m working as a Betterware distributor. Not much money but still it’s a job and gets me out. It also satisfy’s a major requirement of RLE and ChX.

More soon.

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